Most common NCT failures


We all know about the various ways in which your vehicle can fail the NCT, or National Car Test as it is also known. Among the most common are faults such as suspension imbalance, faulty or missing stop lamps, as well as damage or imbalance to the front suspension. Having your vehicle undergo the NCT is a mandatory requirement here in Ireland and failure to provide your NCT certificate could result in you facing a fine, which is something we all wish to avoid. As well as this, the overall failure rate for cars undergoing the NCT is quite high and one statistic which we’re particularly interested in here at Sean McManus Tyres is that the most common NCT failure is in fact tyre related.

According to the organization which oversees NCT tests here in Ireland, poor tyre condition is the number one cause of cars failing to pass their national car test. So, since tyres are the main cause of NCT failure, what exactly are the most common problems?


What does the NCT look for regarding your tyres?


Here are some of the main areas the NCT evaluates while examining your tyres. 

  • Firstly, the NCT takes into account the tread depth of your tyres and whether or not they meet the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm. 
  • Another common reason for tyres failing the NCT is when the tyre tread is found to be damaged, distorted or worn. 
  • Dangerous cuts or bulges are other common tyre issues which can cause your car to fail the NCT. 
  • Is your car tyre is incorrectly seated on the rim? This is also sometimes referred to as tyre stretch and is another common failure point for the NCT. 
  • The test technician will also check to see that there are no mismatched tyres on your car in terms of size or type. For instance, if you have both a summer tyre and a winter tyre fitted on the same axle. 
  • Are your tyres sufficiently speed rated in line with the maximum legal speed limit?
  • Have the valves on your tyres become distorted or damaged over time? 

All of the above is taken into account when your car undergoes it’s National Car Test. 


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How can I make sure my car passes the NCT?


Luckily, many of these NCT tyre faults can be easily avoided. By carrying out regular tyre checks you can be sure to spot any potential issues early and act quickly to stop them progressing. The first thing we recommend at our garage here in Drogheda is that you regularly check the pressure of your tyres. This will make sure they are in top condition at all times and also help avoid any unnecessary wear and tear. This also improves the safety of your vehicle as it lessens the chance of skidding. As well as checking the pressure of your tyres, here at Sean McManus Tyres our experts also recommend you regularly check your tread depth. Here in Ireland the legal tread depth is 1.6mm. You can monitor your tyres tread depth by checking the tread wear indicator bars which are located on your tyres, tucked inside the grooves. Tread depth is not only crucial for passing the NCT, but it is also hugely important from a road safety point of view as it ensures you have as much control as possible over your vehicle. A third, and perhaps the most important piece of advice, is to regularly check in to your local tyre experts. Here at Sean McManus Tyres, our highly experienced team are the experts when it comes to tyre repair and tyre servicing in Drogheda. So why not drop in to see us and we will take care of the rest!