Keep Your Tyres Safe This Summer

With the glorious weather we have been having recently here in Drogheda, this brings with it a certain set of new challenges for our tyres. Recently, amidst the Covid19 pandemic, we have been forced to pivot from our traditional holidays abroad in the sun and indulge in a staycation instead. Having said that, with the weather we’ve been having recently, who is really noticing the difference!?

However, during the summer our tyres face a set of new challenges. In times of exceptionally hot weather such as we’ve been experiencing recently, tyres can react in a number of ways. These can include our tyres overinflating due to a buildup of heat in the tyres, or the warmer weather having an impact on tyre pressure. As a result, it is important to make sure you pay attention to the condition of your tyres and consult the experts where necessary. 

Heavier Cars Impact Tyre Safety

As we head off on our staycations this summer, our cars will be carrying more weight than usual. This can potentially be dangerous. As we load our cars with luggage and passengers, this adds additional strain to our tyres which unfortunately can impact upon the safety and performance of our tyres. 

So, in order to avoid any cut-short staycations, we recommend that you get your tyres checked by our team here at Sean McManus Tyres. As a Repak ELT member, we are committed to ensuring your tyres are in the best condition possible, allowing you to enjoy your staycation travels safely. We are also committed to sustainability and ensuring that once your tyres reach the end of their lifespan, they are disposed of in a responsible manner.