It happens to all of us. You roll over a screw, nail, or other sharp objects that are in the road and instantly, you have a small puncture in your tyre. While it may not pose an immediate issue, you likely are leaking air slowly, reducing the tyre pressure.

This happens to all of us and necessitates you replacing your punctured tyre. However, many are worried about the cost involved. Depending on the type of tyre you select, and the kind of car you drive, replacing a punctured tyre can be an expensive proposition. This leads many to opt to go with a tyre puncture repair kit, but the question is if this is a good idea or not.

How These Kits Work

Before telling you about the safety involved, you should have a little understanding of these kits and how they work. There are actually two options out there. The first is the tyre sealant repair kit. These can be purchased at almost any automotive repair shop and are easy to use.

If the hole in the tyre is small, you attach the sealant repair kit to your tyre valve. The sealant is injected into your tyre through the valve, sealing around the whole or crack so that it provides a protective seal that does not leak.

If you use a repair kit, you insert a plug into the whole of your tyre. The plug is made of string or cord and seals the tyre three use of cement or another adhesive that locks the plug in place. This provides a closure that keeps air from leaking out from the tyre.

Are These Safe Options?

You will find that both of these types of repair options are easy to use and can work effectively. However, you may wonder if either is a safe option?

If you intend only to use these for a brief period of time, then they are fairly safe. This can plug the tyre to ensure that air is not leaking out, allowing you to drive comfortably for a few hundred miles before you can get the tyre replaced. This is ideal if you need to wait until the next payday or if you are away from your home and are unable to replace the tyre immediately.

However, this is not a long-term solution. These sealants and plugs have their limitations. Over time, they will break down, and you can never be sure when that will occur. The last thing you want is to be driving down the highway when the plug loosens or is released, suddenly giving you a flat tyre.

These are intended to be temporary solutions. So, you want to make sure that you replace your tyre as soon as possible.

You may also want to consider taking your tyre in and having a repair shop fix the gap for you. They have much better equipment and materials that are more effective at sealing holes and cracks, extending the life of your tyre.