Here at Sean McManus Tyres Drogheda, we stock an extensive range of car and van tyres, encompassing all leading brands. As a tyre garage firmly committed to sustainability, we always keep up to date with the sustainability efforts of the tyre brands we stock.

Goodyear tyres have been in operation since 1898, manufacturing some of the highest quality tyres available anywhere in the world. In addition to consistently developing their range of tyres and tyre technology, Goodyear are also committed to sustainability. Within the tyre industry, sustainability is a topic which has long been a focus for many of the leading companies.

18% reduction in Energy Usage

Recently, Goodyear have published a report which outlines some of their recent key successes. These include an 18% reduction in energy usage since 2010, a 15% reduction on their global water usage, and a 19% global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2010. This commitment to sustainability outlines exactly why Goodyear has remained at the pinnacle of the tyre industry for over a century.

Goodyear – Commitment to Sustainability

While the use of energy is unavoidable in relation to tyre manufacturing, it is still possible to reduce the effect your process has on the environment. At Goodyear, sustainability has always been a core area of focus and one which influences nearly every aspect of our tyre manufacturing. By the year 2023, Goodyear aims to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Goodyear’s commitment to sustainability is that although the process behind manufacturing tyres has grown more complex and advanced in nature, the company has actually managed to reduce the amount of energy it uses while producing tyres. 

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