Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Tyres

Here at Sean McManus tyres we take the environmental impact of our work very seriously. With every tyre we repair or replace here at our garage in Drogheda, we take as many measures as possible in order to ensure that we leave behind as little waste or unused materials as we can. As a result, we also strive to consistently keep up to date with the most environmentally friendly tyres on the market, ensuring our range of tyres is the most extensive available anywhere.

We are delighted to announce the launch of innovative eco-friendly tyres from Michelin.

Michelin have long since established themselves as market leaders when it comes to innovation and excellence within the tyre manufacturing industry. In keeping with their rich history, this year has seen the unveiling of the brand new Michelin e.Primacy tyre. This eco-friendly tyre has been designed in order to deliver a high level of performance from the first kilometer right until the last. The e.Primacy is also the first tyre produced by Michelin which is carbon neutral at the time of purchase.

Save Time & Money with Michelin e.Primacy Tyres

Over the course of it’s lifetime, each Michelin e.Primacy tyre is expected to deliver a 174kg reduction in Co2 emissions. This is news we’re extremely excited about here at Sean McManus Tyres.

As well as reduced Co2 Emissions, the e.Primacy also has numerous other key benefits to offer. These include:

  • Excellent longevity and lifespan due to each tyre featuring Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction. This feature maximizes your tyres contact with the road surface, ensuring your new tyres evenly distribute the force of braking and accelerating.  
  • Improved safety due to the U-Shaped groove present on each tyre. This innovative feature allows the tyre to maintain a high level of water evacuation.

To learn more about the new e.Primacy tyre from Michelin, why not get in touch with a member of our team today. We would be more than happy to take you through the benefits of fitting you car with a brand new set of these exciting new tyres.