Michelin CrossClimate+ : Arm yourself for every weather condition

The Michelin CrossClimate has proven a market success story since its launch in 2015.

A genuine game-changer, it has created a new category of tyre that uniquely meets the needs of consumers, fleets and dealers.

It has answered the question of how to cope with ever-changing weather conditions, not only in the UK, but throughout Europe. And also benefits dealers with Michelin’s ‘Geobox’ stock solution; fewer sizes to hold with greater market coverage.

So why change the offer ? Why change a winning formula ?

This technical bulletin highlights and explains the new CrossClimate+ range

Mileage At High Level To Benefit From Safety & Mobility Until The Last Mile

  • Lasts even longer than MICHELIN Energy Saver+, best-in-class in its Summer market category
  • Lasts 25% longer than average Premium All Season market

Safety In Every Weather Condition For Added Peace Of Mind

  • In summer, brakes on dry roads like a summer tyre.
  • Provides excellent grip on wet roads in every weather condition, in summer and winter with a wet grip label as good as or better than 70% of the Premium Summer market.
  • The drop from A to B represents only a small performance change.
  • In winter, is approved for use in snow conditions.

Mobility On Snow From The First To The Last Mile

  • When new, offers the same level of snow traction as major premium All Season tyres.
  • Snow traction for worn CrossClimate+ tyres is equivalent to premium All Season tyres when they are half-worn.

So What’s Changed?

  • CrossClimate+ improves on an already Award Winning product range (MICHELIN CrossClimate).
  • CrossClimate+ receives the latest generation Michelin tread compound, providing safety and grip for longer and is ideally suited to UK winter conditions.
  • CrossClimate+ provides consumers & fleets with a better all-around product and affirms Michelin’s “Total Performance” approach to tyre development and innovation for the benefit of all.


  • Michelin CrossClimate+ should ideally be fitted in axle pairs, with new tyres to the rear.
  • However it is legal and acceptable to mix with a single CrossClimate on the same axle, although it would not be Michelin’s recommendation.


CrossClimate will continue to be produced in 14″ dimensions, manufactured here in the UK

  • The CrossClimate SUV continues unchanged with 8 new sizes launched in 2017
  • Introduction of CrossClimate+ in January 2017 with 41 CAI’s in CrossClimate+ by year end
  • CrossClimate+ will be sold globally by Michelin, giving more consumers the opportunity to experience the benefits of this range.