When was the last time you thought about your car tyres? Did you ever even consider knowing more than basic about these spherical pieces of your vehicle that takes all the pain of the friction on the road?  However, if you are a regular driver, it is important to understand the various tyre issues that can blot out your car mid road.

So, if you are planning for a road trip, there are some vital information you need to have a thorough understanding of –

Understand the codes on your tyre – they are not just scribbles

There are some alpha numeric things written on the tyre and they are all information. You can understand when the tyre was manufactured and even trace back to the plant. With the improvement in today’s technology, you do not really need to worry about the tyres getting dried out because they use the right stabilising agent in the rubber compounds. Just check the date to find out when you are looking for tyres for sale in Drogheda.

Over or under pressure is never a good idea

It’s critical to check tyre pressure before embarking on a lengthy journey or when hauling a heavy load. Driving on tyres with incorrect inflation pressure is harmful since it can damage the tyres and impact the ride, handling, and fuel economy of the vehicle. When you get the SUV tyres in Drogheda or the 4×4 Tyres from Drogheda, make sure to have a pressure monitoring done. Check the manufacturers recommended tyre pressure for all of your tyres, including your spare, in your vehicle’s owner’s handbook. Remember to check your tyre pressure when your car is “cool,” which means it hasn’t been driven for three hours or less than 1.6 kilometres at moderate speeds. Also, the fluctuation in the temperature can affect the pressure which should be taken into consideration as well.

Patterns are not random

Did you notice how the patterns of agri tyres different from that of SUV tyres? It is for a reason. A tyre takes several years to design and market, and the tread pattern serves a purpose. Sipes are smaller slits that squeegee water safely from the tyre, while grooves help channel water away and adapt to changing terrain. While some tyre patterns may appear to be elegant, bear in mind that each pattern on your tyre serves a purpose, the most important of which is to keep you safe while driving.